Google Stock- The Most Reliable Platform for Long Term Investment

It’s a fact that people look for most trusted and reliable resource to make extra income. As no one wants to be dependent on single source. Investing in stocks is the easiest way to earn money. There are numbers of companies who are doing well, and we can buy their stocks for long term. But choosing the best company to invest can be a difficult task. As the price of stock is also keeps on fluctuating and it is dependent on the market fluctuation. Though you can keep an eye on the price of stocks through TV, internet or you can also use newspapers.

Nowadays, there are several investors who are inclined and are buying Google stocks. And since Google is the old company and stable company; it is quite easy to trust and convenient to rely on for long term. Though, miss-happening can happen anytime yet looking at the stats of Google is the most trusted and reliable company. It was founded in the year 1998 and within 9 years its market value exceeded 175 billion $. Its stock price increased by more than 6- fold from its initial offerings of 85 $ in August 2004. The shares literally topped 100$ on its day 1 of trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market and then crossed 200$ in less than 3 months.

Later the stock broke through 300$ in another seven months in June 2005 and then again it breached 400$ on Nov 17 last year. Mostly the analysts also believed that the stock of Google is reasonably priced due to rapid growth which actually expected to boost the profit of the company and it went way beyond 2 billion $. While some of the analyst believed that Google stock price will keep on increasing leaving everyone in awe.

If we compare the Google with Microsoft Corporation – it is the world’s most prized technology company which has a market value of approximately 300 billion $, as per earnings projections of an analyst in 2007. So, it is recommended to be mindful, if anyone is waiting for stock splits before investing at the recent price of the Google. Though it’s not only the Google, but most public limited company also split their stocks in order to create lower earnings per head. It is more appealing than the mainstream investors.

Whatever the scenario is Google stocks are most sort of stock in the market and are commonly known as GOOG. One can find several websites where the prices are updated and quotes, but Google has its own webpage where they update the price of their stocks. At times investors in the market are also puzzled about How Google is able to manage its price of the stock. One should understand the fact the Google stocks have virtually not even a single chance of ever not having value and its reliability is for long term. So, people who are looking forward for investment, they can even do it with closed eyes.

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